Seanad vote swings toward 'No' result

The No side has remained ahead throughout the afternoon in the referendum to abolish the Seanad - but with a very tight margin.

Seanad vote swings toward 'No' result

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Final result NO 51.7% YES 48.3%

UPDATED 4.45pm: Final results and reaction.

The Government is braced for a damaging defeat in a referendum on whether to abolish the country’s upper house of parliament.

With official results from more than 30 of the nation’s 43 constituencies in, Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s campaign to scrap the Seanad looks set to be narrowly rejected with 51.5% so far voting to keep it.

The average turnout was recorded at 39% at around 4pm.

The first results this morning suggested a Yes trend, before Cork South Central became the first constituency to vote No in the referendum with 51.3% opposed to abolishing the Seanad.

The constituency, home to Fianna Fáil leader and main face of the No campaign Micheál Martin, showed its loyalty with a turnout of just over 42%.

Early signs were suggesting the No side was slightly ahead across Dublin.

Some political analysts and commentators were predicting a very narrow win for the Government with an overall Yes vote across the country – but with an embarrassing No in the capital.

Junior minister Alex White predicted defeat in his own Dublin South constituency, saying it was “looking pretty clear” the public would vote against the Government.

“I think it is looking pretty clear that the proposal will be defeated in Dublin,” said the Labour TD, who is also the party’s director of elections for the referendum.

“I think there is enough data to say that.”

Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald, whose party had campaigned for a Yes vote, said her Dublin Central constituency was veering towards a No vote and criticised Taoiseach Enda Kenny for not debating the issue.

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“I think it was a big mistake on the part of Enda Kenny not to step up as the chief proposer of this and set out his stall,” she said.

“I think it was a bigger mistake for him to rush this issue."

Senator David Norris said the Seanad will pass a reform Bill and keep sending it to the Dáil.

"If the real choice had been given … there would have been a massive vote for reform," he said. "Enda didn't want that … [but] the Irish people were too cute for him."

Independent Senator Sean Barrett called on the Taoiseach to consider his position in the wake of the referendum, saying he had wasted large amounts of money on the referendum.

While counting of votes got under way at 9am, a final result for the referendum is expected in late afternoon.


Carlow / Kilkenny NO 50.5%, YES 49.5%

Cavan / Monaghan: YES 55%, NO 45%

Clare: YES 51%, NO 48%

Cork East: NO 51%, YES 48%

Cork North Central: YES 51.84%, NO 48.16%

Cork North West: NO 50.05%, YES 49.95%

Cork South Central: YES51.27%, NO 48.73%

Donegal North East: NO 51.69 %, YES 48.31%

Donegal South West: NO 50.42%, YES 49.58%

Dublin Central: NO 57.9%, YES 42.1%

Dublin Mid West: NO 54.7%, YES 45.3%

Dublin North: NO 54.67%, YES 45.33%

Dublin North-East: NO 54.57%, YES 45.43%

Dublin North Central: NO: 54.8%, YES 45.2%

Dublin North West: NO 54.6%, YES 45.3%

Dublin South: NO 53.2%, YES 46.8%

Dublin South Central: NO 51%, YES 49%

Dublin South East: NO 61.33%, YES 38.67%

Dublin South West: NO 52%, YES 47%

Dublin West: YES 42.4%, NO 57.6%

Dun Laoghaire: YES 42.9% NO 57.1%

Galway East: YES 51.4%, 48.6% NO

Galway West: NO 50.6%, YES 49.3%

Kerry North West/Limerick: YES 53.84%, NO 46.16%

Kildare North: NO 54.64%, YES 45.39%

Kildare South: NO 55.5%, YES 44.49%

Louth: NO 52.3%, YES 47.7%

Limerick: YES 50.45%, NO 49.55%

Limerick City: YES 52.72%, NO 47.28%

Longford / Westmeath YES 51.02%, NO 48.98%

Meath East: YES 47.4%, NO 52.5%

Meath West: NO 53.6%, YES 46.3%

Mayo: YES 57.46%, NO 42.54%

Roscommon / South Leitrim YES 51.67%, NO 48.33%

Sligo / North Leitrim: YES 50.8%, NO 49.2%

Tipperary South: YES 50.4%, NO 49.6%

Tipperary North: YES 50.38%, NO 49.62%

Waterford: NO 53.5%, YES 46.5%

Wicklow: NO 57.8%, YES 42.2%

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