PAS won’t verify top police job applicants

Information on the number of applications for the post of Garda Commissioner is being kept under wraps.

PAS won’t verify top police job applicants

The Public Appointments Service (PAS) has declined to reveal any details of likely candidates.

The Policing Authority, for whom the PAS is operating the competition, was also not able to provide any details.

The PAS is in sole possession of the applications tendered.

In a statement, the PAS said: “In line with established practice, PAS makes no comment on any aspect of a recruitment-and-selection process, whilst it is underway.

“A full and transparent report will be published on our website, at the end of the process.”

Meanwhile, when the Policing Authority was pressed on how many people had applied and on the breakdown between internal and external candidates, a spokesperson said: “The Public Appointments Service is running this competition and it would be best-placed to respond to any queries.”

Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll is among internal candidates being mentioned.
Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll is among internal candidates being mentioned.

The Irish Examiner tried previously to establish who was sitting on the selection panel that will assess the applications.

While the PAS was not in a position to give such information, both the Department of Justice and the Policing Authority have confirmed that the PAS had asked each of them for representatives.

It is not clear who else, other than a senior PAS officer, will sit on the panel and whether or not any external independent experts will be included. It is also not clear who will chair the panel.

The commissioner job has a salary of up to €250,000.

Some sources have speculated that at least four internal garda candidates might have applied, with reports also suggesting that a number of applications might have been made by police officers from Scotland.

Internal candidates who are being mentioned are Deputy Commissioner (Operations and Security), John Twomey; Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll, head of Special Crime Operations; Assistant Commissioner for Dublin Metropolitan Region Pat Leahy; and Assistant Commissioner (Northern Region), Barry O’Brien.

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