90% believe Storm Emma red weather alert justified

Nine out of 10 people think the red weather alert issued by Met Éireann during Storm Emma was justified.

90% believe Storm Emma red weather alert justified

According to a survey by iReach Insights, almost three-quarters of people think the Government dealt with this exceptional weather in the most responsible way. Almost eight out of 10 think Ireland’s emergency response team reacted well to Storm Emma.

However, 69% state that Ireland needs to be better prepared for blizzards and snow storms, with over half (57%) expressing the view that supermarkets should have been better prepared in terms of having enough stock.

The survey of 1,000 people found that 82% followed the advice to stay indoors during the red weather warning, with more women (86%) than men (77%) following this advice. Some 22% of men, but only 12% of women, stated that they drove during the storm.

The bad weather affected the jobs of three out of four people (77%). The Friday was the day which affected most jobs (97%), followed by Thursday (91%), Wednesday (51%), and Saturday (17%).

Of the people whose jobs were affected, 74% couldn’t reach work because of the weather conditions. Over half (54%) reported that they could not go to work and could not work from home either. One-quarter (27%) worked at home, and 14% could not reach their work, even though they had to work.

Some people used the chance of a few days off, like the 6% who could not go to work and, although it was possible to work from home, chose not to.

Only 6% still worked from the office and 1% called in sick.

The majority (62%) think that everyone should have had work off during these days of severe snow.

Just 12% of those surveyed said the extreme cold snap caused damage to them or their belongings or had financial implications. The top five types of damage caused by Storm Emma were: Property and garden (41%), loss of earnings (26%), food shortages (24%), power cut (16%), and car (15%).

Almost 80% of respondents said they believe that, due to global climate changes, adverse weather conditions will become more likely in the future.

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