HSE initiative to tackle ASD assessment backlog

The HSE is to put together a panel of external professionals to tackle the backlog of children with autism spectrum disorder assessments.

HSE initiative to tackle ASD assessment backlog

A recent tender is seeking a panel of suitable service providers to complete as many as 40 diagnostic assessments in Galway, Roscommon, and Mayo between next month and August this year.

According to the tender, specific to the three counties comprising Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO) Area 2, the panel will work with children aged six to 18 with possible autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms and who will need ASD diagnostic assessment.

Referring to a backlog in CHO Area 2, the tender said successful parties will be expected to offer timely appointments for all referred children and provide the HSE with a report on the clinical findings for inclusion in the child’s file.

It also specified that any panel would need to incorporate clinical or educational psychologists, speech and language therapists and other suitably qualified professionals with specific training and experience of ASD diagnostic assessment tools.

A HSE spokesperson said: “The background to this particular initiative is that there are extensive waiting lists for both diagnostic assessment and intervention for those with autism spectrum disorder in CHO2.”

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