Carrigstown is on the move — but not everyone’s happy

Fair City is on the move — but not without the accustomed controversy.

Carrigstown is on the move — but not everyone’s happy

RTÉ has been given the green light to relocate the set of the popular soap on its Donnybrook campus despite local residents branding it as “unacceptable”.

The broadcaster is moving the famed Carrigstown set as part of its decision to sell 8.64 acres of land for €107.5m to Cairn Homes.

The Fair City lot comprises of 11 separate sets and the planning application provides for a new home for ‘McCoy’s pub’, the ‘Hungry Pig’, the ‘Dolphin Pod’, the Community Centre, the ‘Helping Hand’ charity shop and the other locations where the soap is shot.

The height of the new set has risen from 20ft to 27.75 ft which RTÉ said is consistent with prevailing heights of adjacent homes located on Nutley Road.

RTÉ was also seeking to increase its night-time use of the set.

However, the Nutley Residents’ Association objected to the plan.

In granting planning, Dublin City Council said the proposed development will not injure the amenity of property in the vicinity.

The council said the use of the set for two nights a week (up from two a month) will stop after three years from the date of the permission so that a full assessment can be made of its impact.

The relocated Fair City set will now operate from 8am to 6pm on Monday to Saturday, with options of extending this to 10pm two nights per week.

Local residents raised concerns about the proximity of the set to existing homes of Nutley Rd; the visual impact of the development; the noise to be generated by the plan and its hours of operation.

They said many of the homes had young children and that increased noise levels after 8pm were “unacceptable”.

The residents have the option of appealing the decision to An Bord Pleanála.

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