MORNING BULLETIN: Rent rates rise 13%; Paris police evacuate passengers from Railway station

Here's your morning news bulletin.

MORNING BULLETIN: Rent rates rise 13%; Paris police evacuate passengers from Railway station


IRELAND: Rents are now at record levels across the country amid warnings of a sector that is in “extreme distress”.

IRELAND: New broadcasting laws are expected to get the go ahead of the Cabinet this morning.

IRELAND: The sister of a woman who was found dead in a derelict building in Cork City last week has told mourners at her funeral that she will “always be around” through her baby son.

BUSINESS: The election of Emmanuel Macron in France is a positive for the country’s creditworthiness but his presidency could yet come unstuck if it fails to deliver growth to help cut its large debts, Moody’s Investors Service has said.

WORLD: Police poured into Gare du Nord station in Paris, evacuating passengers from platforms and sealing off the area in a new security scare to hit the French capital.

ANALYSIS: Insurers facilitate projects that cause global warming while providing cover against these projects’ adverse climate impact, writes Bill McKibben.

SPORT: Waterford hurling manager Derek McGrath was surprised by the debate he sparked a few weeks ago about intercounty management.


FEATURES: As two of Albert Square’s finest move to this country for a new series, Ed Power hears why they hope to make amends for the disastrous visit in the 1990s.

SHOWBIZ: Adele’s manager has had his identity impersonated for more than a year in order to fraudulently get concert tickets, his lawyer has said.

VIRAL: With summer 2017 in full swing it has proven that there is really nowhere better than Ireland on a sunny day. Now if that doesn't make you want to grab your friends and jump in the car for an Irish road trip, nothing will. So what part of the country should you visit this Summer?

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