Abortion legislation: Party positions

Greens: Favours a referendum and to repeal the Eighth Amendment. Members have mixed views on circumstances. 

Abortion legislation: Party positions

Leader Eamon Ryan says abortions should be decided between a doctor and women and not specified for in legislation.

Fianna Fáil: Favours a referendum, but parliamentary members will have a free vote. No position on the circumstances where terminations are supported. Party sources disagree with the Citizens’ Assembly recommendations that abortions may be allowed for socio-economic reasons.

Fine Gael: Position is not decided. Dáil and Seanad members will get a free vote. It supports the need for a referendum. No whip will be applied in a vote at committee or Dáil level. Some TDs openly support a range of circumstances, while others don’t.

Social Democrats: Favours removing the Eighth. The party says the assembly recommendations show there is a mandate for legal reform to allow for abortion on a range of grounds.

Independent Alliance: No specific position taken by each of the five TDs and a spokeswoman said there were differing views. The spokeswoman said the members had yet to meet to discuss the assembly’s recommendations.

Independents4Change: Supports repealing the Eighth. Agrees with assembly recommendations, and that abortion is provided before 12 weeks and for a range of circumstances.

Rural Independents: Differing views. TD Mattie McGrath yesterday said he did not support abortions in any circumstances.

PBP-Solidarity: Pro-choice, saying it is a woman’s decision. Abortions as early as possible and as late as necessary, but no specified circumstances.

Labour: Supports repealing the Eighth and allowing for terminations in cases of rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormalities.

Sinn Féin: Favours a referendum. Terminations should be allowed for rape, incest, and fatal foetal abnormalities. TDs should decide their own positions.

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