Ex-councillor made ‘vile personal abuse’ calls

A former Dublin City Councillor who made 40 threatening phone calls of “vile personal abuse” to a man has paid €300 to charity yesterday in Tallaght Court.
Ex-councillor made ‘vile personal abuse’ calls

Killian Forde has until the end of January to come up with the remaining €400 of the €700 penalty.

Forde made the phone calls to Paddy Banks who was a member of the board of The Integration Centre at the time. The court heard that Forde told Mr Banks that he “would be got” and “would be a dish best served cold”.

Mr Banks described the calls as “vile personal abuse”.

Forde was a Dublin City councillor with Sinn Féin from 2004 to 2010 before switching to Labour. He resigned his seat in 2011 when he was made chief executive of the Integration Centre.

The court had heard that on October 7, 2014, Forde made a number of threatening and intimidating calls to one man over a six-hour period. The court had heard that the calls were “drunken gibberish” and that the injured party had not felt threatened.

Forde was before Judge Patricia McNamara for payment of €700 to charity.

Forde, aged 46, with addresses at Cardonagh Park, Donaghmede, and Sutton Park, Sutton, admitted to making a hoax telephone call at an address at Homelawn Drive, Tallaght, on October 7, 2014.

The court heard that Forde had been director of the Integration Centre at the time of the incident. A colleague had been made redundant by Mr Banks and was later reinstated. The calls took place between 12.25am and 6am and Forde said he had been intoxicated.

In his victim impact statement two weeks ago, Mr Banks told Judge McNamara: “It was said to me I would be got and I would pay for what I did. He did not appear to me to be intoxicated. I will not accept an apology from Mr Forde. I would regard it as an empty formula. I have been deeply offended as to how I have been treated.”

Forde was not in court yesterday when his case was called. He appeared later in the morning. His defence lawyer, George Burns, said Forde had €300 and asked the judge to put the case back to after January 16 when he would have the remaining €400. Judge McNamara adjourned the case to the end of January for Forde to pay the remaining €400.

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