Gerry Adams urged to tell all on Brian Stack

Gerry Adams has been called on to tell gardaí everything he knows about the murder of a Portlaoise prison officer over 30 years ago.
Gerry Adams urged to tell all on Brian Stack

The Sinn Féin leader yesterday told the Dáil he was prepared to make a statement to the chamber about the killing of Brian Stack, who died after being shot by the IRA in 1983.

Party leaders called on him to say what he knew about the murder amid criticism over Mr Adams bringing the prison officer’s sons to a secret meeting with the IRA in 2013.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny told the Dáil clarity was needed in “the national interests” over the matter.

“This is not fiction. A man was murdered in cold blood, his killer is at large, and people know who the murderer is,” Mr Kenny told the Dáil.

“It is beyond comprehension that a member of the House [Mr Adams] can drive someone in a blacked-out van to meet another person to talk about who shot his father, that the names are given to the Garda commissioner, and that the son of the murdered man says that he did not supply those names.

“Deputy Adams knows more about this than I do. While this investigation into a murder is going on, perhaps Deputy Adams might use the privilege of this house, make a statement, and clear it up for everyone.”

Negotiations in Leinster House were ongoing last night on whether Mr Adams would in fact address the Dáil today or at a later stage.

Mr Adams, before the general election in February, emailed the Garda commissioner and gave the names of four Sinn Féin figures and republicans in relation to the case.

He said he was given the names by Mr Stack’s son, Austin, who in turn claims he last spoke to Mr Adams in 2013.

Brian Stack
Brian Stack

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin yesterday called on Mr Adams to give gardaí the name of the IRA person he met in 2013 along with the two Stack sons. This republican confirmed to the Stack sons the IRA had murdered their father.

Mr Martin called on Mr Adams to speak to gardaí. “Gerry Adams has an obligation to co-operate with the gardaí and should make that individual available for questioning by the gardaí in relation to unravelling this case,” he said.

Mr Adams has said he does not know who murdered Brian Stack.

He also told the Dáil yesterday: “I have dealt with this in substance and, if the Taoiseach, as he has indicated, wants to make space for me to do so, I am prepared to make a statement here again.”

Labour’s Brendan Howlin has also called on Mr Adams to make full statement to the Dáil on what he knows about the case.

Sinn Féin spokespersons last night said talks were ongoing with the Office of the Ceann Comhairle about arranging if Mr Adams would make a personal statement in the chamber.

An Oireachtas spokeswoman last night pointed out that it was necessary for a member to apply in writing to the Ceann Comhairle if they want to do this.

No such request had been received from Sinn Féin, said the spokeswoman.

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