Rory Cowan: I want to punch God over mum’s dementia

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Rory Cowan is angry at God and would like to tell him he’s a “sick prick” following his mother’s diagnosis with dementia.

Rory Cowan: I want to punch God over mum’s dementia

Cowan, who plays Rory in Brendan O’Carroll’s hit TV comedy series, was applauded by the studio audience for his comments on The Ray D’Arcy Show on Saturday.

He spoke openly about life since his mother, Esther’s, diagnosis with dementia, and about a talk he delivered for the Irish Alzheimer’s Society recently on his family’s experience. He said his mother deserved a better end of life. “As a family, we’re floundering. It’s awful to see someone you love just disintegrating — and it goes on for years. It’s a nightmare.

“She’s a good woman. She doesn’t deserve this end that’s coming. Nobody does.

“And there are 55,000 people in Ireland with dementia. And with close and immediate family, that’s almost 250,000 people affected by this.”

Cowan said during his talk for the Alzheimer’s Society, he asked people to imagine they were in heaven, where everything was peaceful and tranquil.

He told D’Arcy: “Then over near the throne where God sits, there’s a commotion, and there’s someone punching the head off God. That’s me.

“I’m so angry about this horrible disease, dementia.

“I can’t blame the carers looking after my mother, because they are brilliant.

“I can’t blame my mother for getting it. I can’t blame the medical professionals that are treating her, helping her, they are all amazing. I can’t blame her doctor, and the HSE.

“Everyone’s been very kind, My mother is very ill and everyone she comes into contact with is very kind.

“I have to be angry at something, and I’m angry at God. Whether there is a God or not never really bothered me too much.

“But I really hope there is so I’ll meet him someday when I die and I’ll go up to him and say: ‘You’re a sick prick’. I know that’s an awful thing to say. But you took her husband — now that happens in every family, people die, that’s a natural thing. Then you gave her dementia. Then you gave her a little bit of cancer, for a laugh.”

He posted on Twitter later that he expected to get into trouble for “speaking from the heart”.

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