June was warmer but wetter than average as sun struggles to shine

Last month was the warmest June of the decade so far in most of Ireland, but many parts of the country also endured much more rain than average.

June was warmer but wetter than average as sun struggles to shine

The warmer weather was largely down to the sunny spell at the start of the month, but the mixed weather of later weeks meant sunshine barely exceeded averages.

The latest monthly weather summary from Met Éireann shows temperatures were higher than average at its 25 main weather stations. Many had mean air temperatures at least 1C higher than average and over three-quarters had their warmest June in six or seven years.

The variations are calculated against averages over the 30-year period between 1981 to 2010, which generate a long-term average, or LTA.

Shannon Airport recorded the highest temperatures across the month of June, averaging at 15.7C, or 1.1C higher than its LTA. Holidaymakers jetting out of the Co Clare airport on June 8 also briefly experienced the warmest day of the month, when it reached 25.7C.

The lowest variation was the 0.4C above LTA at the most southerly station, Sherkin Island off Cork’s south-west coast, where the average temperature was 14.4C.

But Knock Airport’s 13.9C average was 1.7C higher than its LTA. Also in Co Mayo, Belmullet had its warmest June since opening 60 years ago in 1956, the daily average 14.7C being 1.5C higher than LTA.

Rainfall figures were above the average for June at 18 of the 25 stations. They were close to double the average at Casement Aerodrome in Dublin and Mullingar, Co Westmeath.

Their rainfall figures were 78% and 77% above average, respectively, followed by 69% and 61% higher-than-average measurements at Finner, Co Donegal, and Mountdillon, Co Roscommon.

But most Cork stations reported below-average amounts of rain, the lowest relative rainfall nationally being at Cork Airport which recorded 19% less than the LTA. However, there was 13% higher-than-average rainfall at Moorepark near Fermoy, the largest county’s farthest-inland station.

Of eight stations whose sunshine records are reported by Met Éireann, the lowest was 123 hours at Knock Airport. The 4.1 hours daily average was only 85% of the station’s long-term average for June.

But even at Cork Airport, where there was nearly six hours a day of sunshine across the month, the 177.8 hours of sunshine was only 1% higher than average.

Ground frost was reported by one third of stations, mostly in the first few days, when warmest temperatures were also felt. June 3 saw the lowest air temperature, 2.5C at Dublin Airport.

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