Garda operation targets boyracers in Kerry

A major garda garda operation in conjunction with motor rally organisers is being put in place in Killarney, Co Kerry, where up to 80,000 people are expected to congregate, this weekend, for an international event.

Garda operation targets boyracers in Kerry

Senior gardaí launched the operation, midweek, in advance of the annual Rally of the Lakes featuring Irish and overseas drivers.

Gardaí have pledged to crackdown on dangerous- driving incidents, mainly by rally followers, along with putting significant resources into controlling public order.

Garda covert operations in the lead-up to the rally recently saw a number of boy-racers appear in the district court over ‘doughnut’ activities (circular patterns left by skidding cars) on the main Cork to Killarney road.

Special courts will be in place this weekend for anyone arrested for serious traffic offences, amid a pre-rally warning by Judge James O’Connor of a risk of prison for offenders. The garda public order dog unit will also be despatched to Killarney this weekend. Covert operations remain in place, gardaí said yesterday.

The Southern Regional Command vehicle, a mobile garda station fully equipped with monitoring facilities has been deployed to Killarney and traffic corps units from Cork North, Cork West, Cork City and Limerick are being deployed. “This is primarily to ensure there is no criminality on the road network,” Killarney-based Sgt Dermot O’Connell said.

He urged parents to advise young drivers not to engage in dangerous driving stunts.

Meanwhile, gardaí are liaising with organisers of scheduled boyracing events on Valentia Island, in Kerry, tonight and tomorrow.

The event is on private land but gardaí are concerned over policing and traffic congestion.

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