Drunk Lithuanians ‘more Irish than Irish’

Two Lithuanians were described as ‘more Irish than the Irish themselves’ when they started the night with a bottle of Jameson with vodka and Red Bull before they even went to the pub and ended up smashing a front window at the premises when refused more drink.

Drunk Lithuanians ‘more Irish than Irish’

Ricardas Cegelis, 33, and Irmantas Kalendra, 35, had a heavy session of drinking before arriving at the Corner House in Carrigaline, Co Cork. Inspector Ronan Kennelly said the duo were served for a while but they were refused further service after it became obvious they were intoxicated and annoying other customers. Insp Kennelly said the two were effectively ejected from the pub because of their behaviour.

“The two gentlemen had been in the bar and had been served but were refused further service. Asked to leave, they became aggressive and they were ejected from the premises. After the doors had closed the damage was done to the side window of the premises,” Insp Kennelly said yesterday at Cork District Court.

Garda Timothy Cleary investigated the complaint and found the two men 200m away from the pub in a highly intoxicated condition. At that stage they were in an argument with each other.

They later co-operated with the investigation and gave their solicitor, Eddie Burke, €450 to bring to court yesterday to pay for the smashed window.

Insp Kennelly said before leaving home that night the men had had whiskey, vodka and Red Bull: “That was how they kicked off the night that resulted in the criminal damage.” Judge Leo Malone said: “The saying ‘they had become more Irish than the Irish themselves’ comes to mind.”

Mr Burke said: “They started drinking a bottle of Jameson at 9pm and they obviously couldn’t handle the drink and got involved in the situation.”

Cegelis, 33, of 53 Upper Clevedon, Carrigaline, and Irmantas Kalendra, 35, from 8, The Lime Trees, Bridgemount, Carrigaline, both pleaded guilty to criminal damage to the pub window, engaging in threatening behaviour and being drunk and a source of danger.

Judge Malone differentiated between the penalties as Cegelis had public order convictions and one for assault causing harm, and Kalendra had no previous convictions. Cegelis got a six-month suspended jail term for the criminal damage and was fined €200 and €400 for the drunkenness and threatening behaviour. Kalendra was fined €150 and €300 on those two charges and a €500 fine for his part in the criminal damage.

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