Man raped girlfriend and her mother

A man raped his girlfriend before raping her mother days later after breaking into her house and holding a knife to her throat, a court has heard.

Man raped girlfriend and her mother

The mother, aged 60 at the time, was saved when her daughter heard the rape taking place in the background of a voicemail the attacker had left her by accident.

The 47-year-old Waterford man has previously served a sentence for raping his daughter.

At the time of the attacks on his girlfriend and her mother he was on bail for kidnapping and seriously assaulting the same girlfriend the previous year. Last December he was jailed for three and a half years for the kidnapping.

The man faces a strong possibility of life imprisonment for the latest attacks. His defence asked Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy to impose a determinate sentence so the man “can work towards a target date.” The judge adjourned finalisation until May 3 next.

The father of four pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to rape of the two women between July 2 and July 5, 2015 at locations in Dublin. He also pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, attempted rape, aggravated burglary, making threats to kill and aggravated sexual assault.

Det Insp Paul Cleary told Kerida Naidoo SC, prosecuting, that the ordeal started after the accused became angry when his girlfriend’s mother refused to let him into their house. He went with his girlfriend to another location where they had sex during which the man became extremely violent.

The woman begged him to stop but he continued to rape her. Afterwards she felt she couldn’t go home and went with the accused to his house.

The next day he woke her and brought her into the bathroom where he told her: “I’ll slice you up, I’ll kill you, I’ll teach you to disrespect me.” He then alternated between orally and anally raping her until she vomited.

Two days later the woman had a missed call and voicemail from the accused. In the background of the voicemail she could hear her mother saying “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” and the accused telling her to “put it in your mouth”.

Earlier that evening the man had forced his way into the house after the mother opened the door to him. He punched her and held a knife to her throat. He dragged the 60-year-old woman up the stairs by her hair before tying her up. Det Insp Cleary said that for the next two hours and 40 minutes she was subjected to a vicious assault physically and sexually.

The accused spoke in a relatively calm voice as he called the woman names, punched her and held the blade to her throat. He stuffed her underwear down her throat before raping her repeatedly orally and vaginally. He told her he would slit her throat.

Gardaí had been alerted by the woman’s daughter. As officers banged on the door the accused told the woman he would kill her. Gardaí broke in and chased the man into the back garden where they pepper sprayed him after he refused to drop the knife.

Dominic McGinn SC, defending, said his client had instructed him not to minimise the seriousness of the offending. He said his client had some insight into his offending and was on the waiting list for psychological treatment in prison.

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