Sparks fly from car as driver falls out door

Sparks were seen coming from the front wheel of a car in the early hours of the morning as it swerved from side to side — and the driver was so drunk that she literally fell out the door of the car onto the side of the road.

Sparks fly from car as driver falls out door

Inspector Gary McPolin said the Opel Astra was seen after 2.30am on June 15, 2014, at Curraheen, Cork.

“Sparks were coming from her near side front wheel. She was swerving from side to side, going from one lane to another,” said Insp Gamble.

“When she stopped, the driver’s door opened and she fell out the door, literally and physically.”

The fully insured driver, Gillian Cullen, aged 35, was arrested and taken to Gurranabraher Garda Station where she was dealt with for suspected drink driving. When the designated doctor arrived she refused to give a sample of blood or urine.

Cullen, with addresses at Elm Park, Sarsfield Rd, Wilton, Cork, and Elton Lawn, Bishopstown, pleaded guilty to that offence of refusal yesterday. Judge Olann Kelleher said there was an automatic minimum disqualification period of four years.

The same defendant came to the attention of gardaí again more recently, on the afternoon of November 16, when she went to the Quay Co-op store in Ballincollig, Co Cork, and stole €129 worth of items.

Emmet Boyle, solicitor, said the accused had long-term issues with depression that had not been treated until recently.

Mr Boyle said the car had been a great source of independence for Cullen but that she knew she would be losing that as a result of her disqualification. “She does make efforts to improve her situation but gets pulled back by the abuse of substances,” said Mr Boyle.

“She seems to have been co-operative.”

Judge Kelleher said he would deal with sentencing at a later stage but wanted to get a probation report which was prepared for another court in respect of Cullen.

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