Michael Healy-Rae releases song for election

Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae has released a 2016 election song, which proclaims he is so busy covering the new huge constituency of Kerry” there is no time for tae”.

Michael Healy-Rae releases song for election

A sitting TD for Kerry South, Mr Healy-Rae’s song has been described as a mixture of rap and country and western.

The song and accompanying clips were posted on Youtube ahead of the election being called.

‘Michael Healy-Rae — Make the Diff’ offers the refrain of “he’s flat to the mat with his black cap, and there’s no time for tae”.

“Working days and nights and evenings lots of road and plenty meetings,” it begins.

“He’s the rural man for national problems,” the song maintains.

The TD is shown in various poses: Swapping caps with Charlie Chaplin, with his father the late Jackie, aiming a gun — an image first used in a newspaper article on fighting rural crime — on national television, and in a sophisticated restaurant setting, as well as in a pair of wellingtons tackling the recent floods in Kenmare.

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The lyrics were written and are performed by Truly Diverse, a Killarney-based band. Asked why he is not singing the lyrics himself, Mr Healy-Rae said: “I am trying to entertain people, not terrorise them.”

Mr Healy-Rae says more is to follow. “That’s the song, but it’s not either, because after 10 days when people start to think that’s the best attempt, we have an even better song,” he said.

Meanwhile, he vowed the Healy-Raes will be the only TD team to visit every home in the new huge constituency of Kerry which extends more than 4,700 sq km.

Mr Healy-Rae’s election literature details the Healy-Rae team, including two sitting councillors, director of elections brother Danny Healy-Rae, his brother, and his nephew Johnny Healy-Rae, Danny’s son.

The Kilgarvan-based TD says visiting the new half of the constituency in North Kerry, he is going to places and driving up roads he had never been to before.

The last time Kerry was one constituency was 1937. There were bad gravel roads and TDs only canvassed a very small area.

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