Longboat Quay residents appeal safety order

The management company representing residents in Longboat Quay has lodged an appeal to the fire safety order that was served on the apartment blocks 10 days ago.
Longboat Quay residents appeal safety order

The notice was the first step in having the 298 apartments evacuated if remedial work on fire safety issues was not started within a month.

Legal representatives for the company lodged the appeal in Dublin District Court yesterday. The notice was served by Dublin Fire Brigade on October 2 because the work deemed necessary to make the buildings safe had not begun.

A major issue has arisen over who will foot the estimated €4m bill. The Dublin Docklands Development Authority pledged to give €750,000 towards the bill with the receiver for the Bernard McNamara company — which built Longboat Quay — pledging the same amount.

Residents have said they are not in a position to come up with the €2.5m shortfall.

The appeal will now be heard in Dublin District Court on November 3 and November 14. The most immediate result of the appeal is that the original deadline of November 1 set by Dublin Fire Brigade has been pushed back.

The director of the management company, Richard Eardley, said a decision had been taken that it would be in the best interests of the residents and owners to appeal the notice.

“We welcome the fact that the appeal has been lodged and we look forward to a successful hearing,” he said.

It is expected negotiations between the management company and the DDDA and receiver will now be intensified in the search for a solution to find the money required for the work.

The development was found to have serious deficiencies in fire safety last year.

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