Your Monday evening catch-up

Here’s a briefing on some of the stories and issues highlighted on today.

Your Monday evening catch-up


Renua leader Lucinda Creighton has admitted her party’s new tax proposals would result in those  on the minimum wage being marginally worse off.

Industrial action that has seen the postal service shut down [url= been suspended,  [/url] with new talks to begin tomorrow.

The Department of Social Protection has said it is organising emergency measures  for customers whose payments  will be disrupted by the postal strike.

An emergency meeting of the Fianna Fáil members of the Metropolitan District of Limerick City and County Council  was held last night to assess the position of the metropolitan mayor of the city  following revelations that he is at the centre of an internal Garda probe into the failure of officers to investigate his involvement in a motoring incident.

Three scientists from Ireland, Japan and China have won the Nobel Prize in medicine for discoveries that helped doctors fight malaria and infections caused by roundworm parasites.#

The L.E. Samuel Beckett has completed its first search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean.  242 people were rescued from a wooden boat 80 kilometres north west of Tripoli.


On the eve of the gathering, the Vatican dismissed a Polish priest  from his Holy See job after he came out as gay and called for changes in Catholic teachings against homosexual activity.

Medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres denied that Taliban fighters were firing from its hospital at Afghan and NATO forces before a suspected  US air strike killed at least 19 people  in a battle to oust the Islamist insurgents from an Afghan city.

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