Your Tuesday morning catch-up

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Your Tuesday morning catch-up


A single mother-of-three was forced to split up her family after being told that there was no emergency family accommodation available in Dublin City. Danielle Dyer had to send her children to live with relatives after being told there was no suitable accommodation for her and her children aged eight, five, and two.

Rents are rising faster in cities outside Dublin for the first time in years, latest figures show. An average house in Dublin cost €1,368 a month to rent between April and June, up 8.5% on the same period last year. However, rents in Cork rose 10.4% (to €889) and in Galway they are up to €10.1% (to €818).

Further afield, two Irish nationals are likely to face criminal charges after being arrested in Australia for their alleged role in a crime syndicate which defrauded at least 150 people of almost $4m (€2.7m).

In other news, if Donal Trump gets to the White House, it seems the J-1 is one of his targets for the axe. A list of proposals on his website targets the J-1 visa, a rite of passage for tens of thousands of Irish teenagers in recent decades.

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