Murderer punches nurse in face in cell visit

A jailed murderer punched a female nurse in the face as she went to give him medication in his cell yesterday.

Murderer punches nurse in face in cell visit

The assault happened as two prisoner officers opened the door to the cell of Jeffrey Dumbrell just before 10am at Wheatfield Prison.

Dumbrell, aged 35, is reported to have managed to push between the two officers and punched the nurse in the face, inflicting a significant injury.


The nurse was taken to hospital, suffering a nasty wound to her face, thought to be near an eye. Prison sources said she was “shocked and distressed” by the vicious assault.

The nurse was due to give Dumbrell medication at the time of the attack.

Dumbrell was in an isolation cell at the west Dublin prison and, according to insiders, has previously “smashed up” a secure unit he was housed in.

He has been moved from his isolation unit and is now in a close supervision cell.

Gardaí have been notified of the assault and a criminal investigation in under way.

The Prison Service has launched an inquiry to determine how the assault happened and what lessons can be learned.

Jeffrey and his brother, Warren Dumbrell, 41, were given life terms in February 2011 for the murder of Christopher Cawley at Tyrone Place flats, Inchicore, Dublin, in October 2006.

It was the second time they were convicted of the crime after the Court of Criminal Appeal quashed the original conviction in July 2010.

The brothers, from Emmet Place in Inchicore, appealed the second conviction too, but lost that last year.

The assault in Wheatfield in the latest in a number of attacks in prisons.

Last weekend, Graham Johnson was stabbed to death in Cork Prison by an inmate.

Figures show 564 inmates were assaulted by fellow prisoners in 2014, compared to 530 in 2013. There were 74 such assaults in Wheatfield in 2014. The highest number was in Mountjoy, 96, followed by Castlerea, 95, and Cloverhill, 90.

There were 144 assaults by inmates on prison officers in 2014, compared to 147 in 2013. The biggest number last year was in Mountjoy, 30, followed by Wheatfield, 26.


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