Over 5,000 people saddle up for public bike schemes

More than 5,000 people have signed up for public bike schemes in Cork, Galway and Limerick since they were launched last month, the National Transport Agency has revealed.

Over 5,000 people saddle up for public bike schemes

The scheme invites members of the public to pay €10 for an annual subscription to rent bikes from a number of stations across each city, similar to the successful scheme already operational in Dublin.

An NTA spokesperson said the remaining stations that have yet to be activated across the three cities will be operational within the next four to six weeks, with the exception of the station at Galway’s City Library, which is delayed by legal correspondence with a property business.

It was also confirmed that four of the 15 Cork stations listed as operational from the launch have since been taken offline.

“While all 15 stations had been completed at initial opening date, three stations were awaiting the switching on of the electrical power supplies.

Due to electricity crews being diverted to deal with other emergencies, this final power switch-on did not occur as anticipated. We are awaiting ESB Networks to switch on these supplies, which we understand will occur in the next few days,” the spokesperson said.

“One of the four listed stations — Wandesford Station — was operational, but experienced an intermittent problem with the strength of the mobile phone signal which is used to communicate with the bike station.

This intermittent signal strength issue is being worked up with the phone network provider,” she added.

The NTA said a “considerable number” of the proposed 31 stations for Cork will be operational before the end of January and the remainder, which are in areas where more work is required to reinstate street surfacing, will be completed during February.

The seven remaining stations in Limerick will be completed in the next four to six weeks, while Galway’s City Hall station will be activated in a number of days.

Meanwhile, Cork City and County Councils are to hold public consultation meetings in preparation for a Cycling Network Plan for the county.

The councils have called for submissions

and the consultations will be held in City Hall on Tuesday, January 20 and Thursday, January 22 from 11am to 4pm.

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