Ballistic expert disputes evidence

A ballistics expert criticised prosecution evidence about a garda flash-bang grenade as preposterous, requiring the kind of chance that would see one winning the lottery twice in a row

John McGlinchey, forensic engineer, was in the witness box yesterday in the trial of a man charged with carrying a sawn-off shotgun in an attempted aggravated burglary on August 11, 2013

Mr McGlinchey gave his view on the evidence given by four members of the Garda Regional Support Unit, who said earlier in the trial that one of them threw the item, described as a stun grenade or a flash-bang grenade, and the handle fell with a clang causing the three suspects at the scene to turn around to face the gardaí and the grenade then gave off tremendous light.

The gardaí set off another grenade in test conditions last Friday which was shown on video to the jury. However, Mr McGlinchey described the evidence of the handle hitting the ground before the grenade hit the ground as incredible.

Tom Creed SC said the members of the support unit who identified Niall Fitzpatrick also had torches from their guns pointed at him. Fitzpatrick pleaded not guilty to charges of possession of a Remington 12-gauge pump-action shotgun and ammunition, attempted burglary and attempted aggravated burglary at the home of Patrick Glavin at Rougrane, Glanmire, Co Cork, on August 11, 2013.

The trial continues.

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