Sausage-smuggling habits revealed

So you think Irish life today is all about surviving the recession, the winter weather, and water charges? Well think again.

Sausage-smuggling habits revealed

A survey has identified 75 quirky and insightful facts which show there’s way more to it than that.

A fifth of us smuggle sausages on holidays, more than half of us make a pot of tea in a crisis, 80% of us love crisp sandwiches, most of us can pull a pint, 40% of us have a tin whistle in the house, and nearly all of us (94%) thank the bus driver at the end of our journey.

Just 5% of us had our first kiss in a Gaeltacht; only one in five of us are Facebook friends with our mammy; more than a third of us hide people’s news feeds when they post too many baby or pet pictures, and 13% of us have an embarrassing middle name.

More than half of Irish parents think the kids in their family are smarter than average, and 20% will never wear the colour of their school uniform again.

Incredibly, the survey showed that 29% of Irish people have been to Copper Face Jacks nightclub in Dublin, and 73% of us have asked a taxi driver: “Is it busy tonight?”

Against the backdrop of a fragile economic recovery, the survey shows that while the mood of the nation is mixed, we are more optimistic than not.

Of those surveyed, 15% said they are anxious about living in Ireland, 6% are angry, 12% are pessimistic, but over one in six (17%) say they are optimistic.

The research was compiled for life insurance and pension company Irish Life to celebrate its 75th year, with Coyne Omnibus Research surveying 1,000 adults last month.

The findings form part of the company’s ‘We Know Irish life — We Are Irish Life’ advertising campaign, which launches today.

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