Do not breed unwanted foals, ISPCA tells horse owners

The ISPCA is urging horse owners to show more sense in a bid to tackle Ireland’s equine over-population crisis.

According to the charity, too many owners are allowing their horses to breed, with the result that the country is being flooded with low value foals.

With no market for them, many of these animals are abandoned, seriously neglected, or acquired by people without the adequate knowledge or means to properly care for them.

The ISPCA and horse-lover Gillian Quinn are urging horse owners to put a stop to the irresponsible breeding of horses which is resulting in a severe equine over-population crisis.

Gillian, wife of former Ireland soccer international Niall Quinn, is urging owners to take measures now and ensure their horses do not breed unwanted foals.

“Horses are magnificent and gentle creatures, it breaks my heart to see so many unwanted foals neglected, abandoned, and worse still, badly abused,” said Gillian.

According to the charity, the country is now flooded with low-value foals, and many are abandoned, seriously neglected, or acquired by people without the adequate knowledge or means to care for them. Some unwanted horses are brutally abused and mistreated.

ISPCA chief executive Andrew Kelly said: “The only real way to deal with the equine over-population crisis is for owners to take a more responsible attitude by ensuring their colts are professionally castrated at the appropriate age. The fundamental reason for the epidemic of equine welfare problems that we are encountering is the fact that equines are too readily available and, in many cases, at too low a cost.

“The problems are compounded by a lack of accountability and traceability due to non-compliance with equine identification legislation and, of course, continued indiscriminate breeding.”

Along with other charitable organisations, the ISPCA is doing its best to rehome unwanted horses, but warns that such is the scale of the crisis that they are unable to deal with the large number of equines involved.

In a bid to halt the crisis, the charity is launching a national appeal urging owners to take the above measures and ensure their equines are not producing unwanted foals.

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