Fassbender's portrayal of sex addict tops 'Barely Legal' poll

Michael Fassbender’s graphic portrayal of a tortured sex addict in the hit movie Shame, has been voted one of the top “nearly pornographic mainstream film” performances of all time.

Fassbender's portrayal of sex addict tops 'Barely Legal' poll

The 36-year-old Kerry actor won plaudits for his lead role in the dark 2011 drama in which he played a broken soul, whose character is seen constantly having sex, visiting prostitutes, and masturbating when his sexual conquests fail to satisfy him.

The movie, directed by Steve McQueen — who more recently teamed up with Fassbender in the double Oscar-winning epic, 12 Years a Slave — was acclaimed for its serious observation of the widely misunderstood problem of sex addiction.

But the film’s multiple scenes of nudity and intercourse, including the Irish actor’s much-discussed ‘Fassmember’, have earned it a placing in Rolling Stone magazine’s racy listing of the globe’s top 30 ‘Barely Legal’ movies.

In compiling the poll, the magazine states: “Full-frontal nudity, steamy threesomes, one-for-the-money shots — these movies pushed the envelope and still played the multiplexes.”

Focusing on Shame, it adds: “Before he made 12 Years a Slave, [director] Steve McQueen made this dark drama about a Wall Street sex addict [played by Fassbender] as he goes through the notions of a life in search of the ultimate act of pleasure.

“Unfortunately, given that he looks like Michael Fassbender, such meaningless sex is all too easy to be had — and has a lot of it onscreen he does.

“In the midst of all the one-night stands, the visits to prostitutes, and the lunchtime porn binges, this poor, broken soul searches in vain to forge connections and heal psychic wounds.

“And in characteristic fashion, McQueen doesn’t flinch from the particularities or the textures of this world — the film is replete with sex and nudity including the much-remarked upon ‘Fassmember’, none of it pleasurable.”

Other movies to make the list include Last Tango In Paris (1972), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), and, most recently, Blue Is The Warmest Color and Strangers by the Lake, both which were released last year.

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