Sentenced adjourned for woman with 200 convictions

A driver who has more than 200 convictions, including 24 for having no insurance, has been remanded for a written plea in mitigation by Tallaght Court.

Sentenced adjourned for woman with 200 convictions

Judge Anthony Halpin also heard that Winnie Cash’s brother was murdered in 2006 and another of her brothers had taken his own life.

Cash, aged 44, of Hazel Hill, Tallaght, Dublin, pleaded guilty to having no insurance, no driving licence, and driving while disqualified at Rossfield Avenue, Tallaght, on Jul 5, 2013.

Detective Garda Alan Young told Judge Halpin that he stopped Cash on the date in question. He said she later failed to produce her documents at Tallaght Garda Station.

Det Garda Young said Cash had 211 previous convictions, including 21 for having no driving licence, 24 for having no insurance, 23 for theft, one for assault, six for drunken driving, and two for dangerous driving.

He said Cash is currently serving a sentence.

Cash’s solicitor, Kevin Tunney, put it to Det Gda Young that his client does not live near shops and that is why she continues to drive.

Det Gda Young accepted that Cash did live some distance from shops.

Judge Halpin said: “Why doesn’t she get a mountain bike or she could grow vegetables? Then she wouldn’t need shops.

“She is an anthropologist’s nightmare. The well of compassion is pretty dry.”

Mr Tunney said: “She married at 21 and was a victim of domestic abuse. She spent a lot of time in the women’s refuge. Her husband died in 1999. One of her brothers was murdered in 2006 and another brother later took his own life.”

Mr Tunney had previously told the court that Cash’s son had been diagnosed with ADHD and she wants to look after him.

Judge Halpin told Mr Tunney that he wanted a written plea in mitigation.

He adjourned the case for one week for the plea.

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