Gardaí chase and disarm man wielding cleaver

Two gardaí have spoken about how they chased and disarmed a

It later emerged that the 23-year-old man was a suspect for a

raid on a shop a short time earlier, during which it is

alleged the weapon was swung towards a shop assistant.

Garda Paul Burke yesterday described how he had realised the

man was carrying the butcher’s knife in the middle of the day

in Dundalk because “the light flashed on the blade”.

Garda Burke and Garda Sergeant Eugene Collins were in a

community policing van on Monday, Oct 14, when they saw the

man “in an altercation with another man”.

He said: “We parked near him on Distillery Lane and he walked

in front of the van. We could see he had white socks on his

hands and the cleaver was in his left hand. I saw it because

the light flashed on the blade.”

The gardaí got out and shouted at him to put down the knife,

which had a 15cm by 110cm blade, but he ran off towards the

busy Ramparts Rd.

Sgt Collins said: “He had his hood up and ran. We went after

him and then he stopped and turned towards us with the knife

held up in the air. We shouted again for him to drop it.”

The gardaí were armed only with their regulation batons. “The

traffic had stopped on the road and everybody had got out to

see what was happening. It was 3.25 in the afternoon,” said

Garda Burke.

After a stand-off, the man did drop the cleaver but “would not

step back from it. He was standing over it,” Sgt Collins said.

The gardaí edged closer to him and he was pepper- sprayed and


The same gardaí later brought the man to Our Lady of Lourdes

Hospital because they feared he had taken a large amount of

drink and possibly drugs.

After the man was released from hospital, gardaí interviewed

him and a file is being prepared for the DPP.

Garda Burke said: “It was just another normal day in Dundalk.

When I go to work, I know I can end up at any sort of

situation. You just deal with what is in front of you.”

He said the stand-off reminded him of the daily safety issues

both gardaí and the public face.

Garda Superintendent Gerry Curley said: “I commend th

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