O’Brien ‘not part of bid for Doncaster’

Denis O’Brien has said he has nothing to do with the Irish consortium currently looking to take over Doncaster Rovers football club.

O’Brien  ‘not part of bid for Doncaster’

He said he no interest in investing in the club, which he owned for a brief period in the 1990s.

A statement on his behalf said he had not spoken to anybody involved in the club or the consortium which said it has agreed a binding takeover proposal with its board.

On Saturday morning, the chairman of Doncaster Rovers, John Ryan, told the AGM of the Viking Supporters Coop Trust (VSC) that Mr O’Brien was one of the investors involved in a consortium represented by the controversial property scout Kevin Phelan. The VSC is a minority shareholder in Doncaster.

However, neither Mr Ryan or Mr Phelan have responded to requests to clarify or confirm any potential role Mr O’Brien was to play in the takeover.

In his statement, Mr O’Brien said he had no discussions with either the club or the consortium and had no interest in considering a bid.

“Totally inaccurate claims have been made thereby creating an utterly false and misleading impression.”

Mr Phelan, who was recently declared bankrupt, has been representing a company called Sequentia Capital which he said had agreed a contract to take control of the English Championship side.

Sequentia is an offshoot of a London equity firm, Pavillion Capital Partners, which has already taken possession of his archive of recordings and documents from English property deals investigated by the Moriarty Tribunal.

This includes the phone calls he had with Michael Lowry and other material he did not make available to the tribunal.

In 1998, Mr Phelan was the property scout who sourced and managed the Doncaster project for Mr O’Brien.

But they got into a dispute regarding project management fees and it was not thought that they had any ongoing relationship.

Separately, Mr O’Brien is on the verge of finally offloading his residual interest in the land around Doncaster’s old stadium, which they vacated some time ago.

Mr O’Brien had sold the playing side of the business to Mr Ryan in order to focus on the planned redevelopment of the ground.

A spokesman for Mr Ryan was contacted regarding Mr O’Brien’s statement but no comment was forthcoming.

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