Airline defends rugby flights price rise

Ryanair has defended a sharp rise in the prices it is charging for return flights to France for Munster’s Heineken Cup semi-final match later this month.

Airline defends rugby flights price rise

Soon after the final whistle was blown in Munster’s quarter-final clash with Harelquins on Sunday, the airline started selling seats from Shannon to Montpellier for the Apr 27 semi-final fixture against Clermont Auvergne.

However, since then, the cost has increased by €150, from €355.98 on Sunday to €505.90 last night, and Ryanair has confirmed the prices will rise even more. A similar flight from Dublin cost about the same yesterday.

A Ryanair spokesman said: “All Ryanair flights feature a range of prices, with the lowest fares being available on a first come first served basis. If all the lower fare availability is taken up by passenger bookings, the later booking passengers pay the higher fare levels, with the last few seats being sold at the highest prices.”

Resourceful Munster fans have, however, found several alternative ways of getting to the match for less than half the price Ryanair is charging.

A return flight from Dublin to Bristol cost just €45.83 yesterday, while an onward return service from there to Beziers was priced at €179 for a Sunday return or €117 for a flight back on Monday.

The cost of this option is €244.83 and €162.83 respectively. Beziers is just 75km from Montpellier.

Alternatively, fans could fly from Shannon to Stansted for just €35 return and on to Perpignan for another €155, giving a total of €190.

The airline has also confirmed it will provide a same-day return service for the match from Cork. Ryanair says this will allow fans travel to Montpelier from just €299 return.

Yesterday, the flight had risen in price to €365.76, and is also expected to rise.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the Munster Rugby Supporters’ Club (MRSC) has received an allocation of just 1,930 tickets for the semi-final clash.

However, more tickets could become available next week when, under ERC regulations, Clermont Auvergne must return any of their unsold tickets.

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