Man told court family chained him to radiator

A man accused of conspiring with his mother to attack his father and handcuff him to a bathroom radiator at a B&B in Cork claimed that the accusation was part of a Machiavellian plot by his father.

Man told court family chained him to radiator

The jury took only 20 minutes yesterday afternoon to return unanimous not guilty verdicts on the charges against the man and his mother.

Nireshan Naidoo, 29, and his mother, Vesalatachee Naidoo, 62, from London and with no fixed address in Ireland, denied charges of falsely imprisoning Arumugan Naidoo, robbing him of cash, passport and reading glasses, and assault causing harm to him at Gabriel House on Summerhill South on April 29, 2009.

The two accused said yesterday that the meeting at the B&B was an attempted family reconciliation that did not work out. Naidoo Jnr said that when he and his mother realised after an hour that Mr Naidoo Snr had not changed they left the room and went to Birmingham. They denied assaulting the complainant, robbing him and chaining him to a radiator pipe with two sets of handcuffs.

Naidoo Jnr said that his father set it up to look like he had been assaulted and imprisoned and would try to take advantage of this during civil court proceedings in England over valuable property there.

The defendant said that in 2006 his father had pulled the buttons out of his own shirt and told his son that he would claim that he (his son) and his estranged wife had molested him.

Jane Hyland, prosecution barrister, said: “There is a big difference between ripping buttons off your shirt and chaining yourself to a radiator for 22 hours and urinating on yourself.”

Mr Naidoo Jnr replied: “I think it shows a capacity to behave in a Machiavellian manner.”

Vesalatachee Naidoo testified she had hoped that the serene surroundings of Cork would be conducive to a family reconciliation but that it did not work out because her husband had not changed, so she and her son left Gabriel House an hour after his arrival.

She denied that they jointly attacked, robbed and imprisoned her husband.

On Wednesday, the complainant said: “I went to say hello to my wife. I asked my wife how she is and I went to hug her. He hit me twice… My wallet and my false teeth came out on the floor. I fell on the ground. He kicked me and punched me. My wife got out of bed and kicked me as well. He put me facing down on the ground and he sat on me. I could not move. He pulled my pants off. He dragged me to the bathroom. He put me on the floor of the bathroom. He put a handcuff on one hand and she put a handcuff on the other hand. I lay on my back like that facing the wall all night.”

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