Whitmore to front show tipped for global success

MTV presenter Laura Whitmore has revealed her excitement at fronting a new RTÉ show called The Hit — which is tipped to go global.

It is hoped the new series, which is backed by Warner Bros, could be as big as the juggernaut shows The Voice or The X Factor. The latter has spawned global superstars such as One Direction and Leona Lewis.

The Hit’s original format, which will feature Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Lillywhite, gives eight songwriters the chance to battle it out to pen a hit for a chart-topping star.

The Wicklow presenter said on Saturday Night With Miriam that she was thrilled to have signed up to front the new format in her first role for the national broadcaster.

“The Hit is a new format and it’s very exciting. I get projects brought to me all the time and the one thing I said about this industry was I wouldn’t work on projects I wouldn’t want to watch myself.

“It’s all about the songwriters and I am coming back at the end of the summer before I go to Australia to film it. It’s a new format some very clever people came up with. Warner Bros are involved so potentially, if the pilot goes well, it could go global which is very interesting.

“The pilot is going to be aired on RTÉ. It is my first outing with RTÉ which is quite exciting.”

Production is due to begin on Wednesday on the show, when 20 songwriters will be whittled down to eight potential hitmakers.

The TV presenter — who lives with The Coronas frontman Danny O’Reilly in London — also said in the interview she always tends to date men from her own country.

The 27-year-old also joked that it was daunting meeting her rockstar boyfriend’s mother, Mary Black, for the first time.

“He is very nice. I have met his mum and she’s lovely. It’s quite intimidating to meet your boyfriend’s mum and she’s Mary Black,” she said.

Even though she was living in London when she met O’Reilly she said she couldn’t resist his Irish charm.

“It wasn’t intentional but you can’t beat the Irish guys, they are the best in the world. What can you do?”

And she revealed that she doesn’t get too homesick in England because most of her closest childhood pals are living in London.

“I love living in London. We kind of have a bit of an Irish posse over in London at the moment.”

The MTV star, who carried the Olympic torch last week, has signed on to front ITV’s Olympic coverage, which will be beamed to 35 countries.

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