HSE survey reveals two worst performing hospitals

Galway University Hospital and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda are the two worst performing hospitals in the country, according to a HSE survey.

In its grading survey of green, orange and red, the HSE Healthstat marked both the Galway hospital and Our Lady of Lourdes as ‘red’.

Galway’s drop into the red zone for January coincided with Bill Maher taking up his role as the new chief executive of the Galway Hospitals Group.

He was appointed to arrest the continuing poor performance of the hospital.

Yesterday, the chairman of the HSE West Forum, Cllr Pádraig Conneely (FG) said: “The Healthstat report only highlights the enormous job that Mr Maher has to do to turn things around.

“At the moment, the situation at [Galway University Hospital] is critical. What Mr Maher needs to do has to be dramatic and drastic. I have met with him and I have told him I want to see results by October.

“Very, very, slow progress is being made and I wouldn’t be happy with it.”

The figures for January show 30% of patients were waiting between six and 12 hours to be admitted through the hospital’s emergency &unit.

The hospital was given a ‘red’ on waiting times for elective surgery for adults and children. The absenteeism rate was also red, at over 6%.

Results in relation to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital show in excess of 20% of patients were waiting over 24 hours to be processed through the hospital’s emergency &department.

Less than 20% of patients were waiting between 12 and 24 hours,& with around 35% waiting between six and 12 hours for admission.

Furthermore, the hospital received a red rating for the amount of hours lost through absenteeism.

According to the survey, the best performing hospitals in the country during January were Nenagh, Ennis, Cavan and Wexford, along with St James’s, St Columcille’s and Connolly, all in Dublin.

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