Celebrity trend for eclectic names comes to Ireland

“LIFE ain’t easy for a boy named Sue” sang Johnny Cash. Well, imagine what it’s like for a boy named Timotei.

Celebrities are not the only ones naming their children somewhat eclectic names.

A glance through the Central Statistics Office (CSO) database of last year’s baby names shows that Irish couples are not that far behind when it comes to quirky, weird and wonderful names for our latest arrivals.

As well as one boy being named Timotei, a Nordic word for Timothy-grass but more commonly known as a major brand of shampoo.

The recent visit of US President Barack Obama may rub off on even more couples when next year’s list comes out but Ireland still has its very own Obama namesakes with at least one Barack on the list.

Music influences also seem to have impacted upon choices for boys’ names.

The parents of a boy named Ozzy must surely have been fans of rock legends Black Sabbath while the parents of Presley clearly are big fans of the King.

Some people named their boys not after people, places or things, but merely aspirations. Hence boys named Peace, Success, Mighty and Lucky. One set of parents clearly had the loftiest of ambitions for their son when they plumped for Messiah as a first name.

Sporting inspirations also made the list with Ronaldo and Zinedine making an appearance. At least one fictional sports star was on the list with the name Rocky being given to one child.

Some of the other more quirky names for boys included on the list were McNelson, Melanie, Melody, Merlin, Prince Aristeo, Prince Michael, Princewill and Sheriff.

In terms of girls’ names, the list also contains plenty examples of the weird and wonderful.

Top of the list were the wonderfully named girls Princess Infinity and Divine Fortune.

One set of parents even plumped for naming their child Irish, perhaps in case she ever forgot where she was from. Some names are just plain bizarre, with one girl being named simply Lifting.

Other eclectic names to make the list of baby names for girls include Anointing, Believe, Bronx, Coco, Greater, Happy, Happiness, La Toya, Leon, Love, Lovegod, Marie Lyana Shanessa, Marvellous, Peace and Peaches.

Well, at least no boy that we know of was named Sue.

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