Eight Cloyne clerical abuse files to be resent to DPP

AT least eight files on clerical abuse in Cloyne, which were sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and returned without prosecution, are to be resent to the DPP’s office as one large file.

The files all relate to abuse alleged to have been carried out by the notorious Father B, who systematically assaulted and raped girls in North Cork.

The files were all returned in recent years — to the outrage of the victims who have said the files all show remarkable similarities.

When the two latest files were returned in the Autumn, the victims mounted a public campaign seeking answers as to why their criminal cases were being repeatedly returned.

Many of the women whose files were returned have received compensation from the diocese for their abuse and written apologies have also been handed over to the women.

“The archbishop has repeatedly said that if there are any more victims out there, they should come forward and lodge complaints.

“Our fear is that if they hear of all these cases being rejected, they won’t see the point of going to the gardaí,” said one victim.

A ninth single file outlining abuse by Father B is at the DPP’s office at present. This victim came forward for the first time last year.

In recent months, the Rape Crisis Centre urged the DPP to meet the victims in Cloyne to discuss his decision not to prosecute.

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