‘Still time’ for Redress Board claims

THOSE who may have suffered abuse in orphanages and industrial schools in Ireland have been advised that it may not be too late to apply for compensation.

Right of Place, an organisation supporting the survivors of institutional abuse, has advised that those with exceptional circumstances may still be able to apply to the Residential Institutions Redress Board.

The board was established in 2001 to provide a measure of compensation to people who suffered abuse in orphanages and industrial schools. The closing date for these applications was December 15, 2005 however, the board can extend the time in exceptional circumstances and is required to do so in the case of illness or disability.

It was initially thought that some 2,000 people would apply. However, the Redress Board has paid out on more than 14,000 claims to date, with about 1,400 claims still being processed.

It is likely the board will be closed down within the next 12 months with all applications due to have been finalised and compensation paid, a move supported by Noel Barry of Right of Place.

“We expect everybody to have been paid by the end of this year. Those involved want it to finish this year, the organisation wants it to finish this year,” he said.

Mr Barry also said he hoped the report from the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, due out next month, would adequately address all of the concerns of those who suffered abuse.

The average value of awards paid out by the redress board is in the region of €64,000 with the largest award to date €300,000.

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