Fears of internal gang war in split over feud murder

NEW fears emerged in the Limerick feud yesterday after reports of divisions within the McCarthy-Dundon gang over the decision by one of its leaders to order the murder of gang member James Cronin.

Gardaí fear that friends of Cronin may avenge his murder with more bloodshed.

The current leader of the McCarthy-Dundon outfit decided to shoot Cronin as he feared he would talk if arrested and finger him for ordering the murder of Mark Moloney last Saturday.

Cronin, aged 20, is believed to have driven the car used in the Moloney murder.

After the hit, the McCarthy-Dundon bosses who sent Cronin on the murder mission shot him in the head and buried him in a field near their Ballinacurra Weston stronghold.

The gang leader and his closest lieutenant, who is dating his sister, both fled to the British midlands on Monday after Cronin’s body was discovered in a shallow grave.

There is great anger within the McCarthy-Dundons that their leader decided to murder a fellow gang member.

Garda sources said this was evidenced yesterday by a very strong presence of McCarthy-Dundon gang members at Cronin’s funeral.

Cronin was believed to be close to the gang leader who shot him in the head.

Last week, Cronin was seen on a number occasions driving a powerful 4x4 owned by the gang leader.

Garda sources said some of the gang may now form a new alliance due to their anger at his murder, and out of fear.

Also, another major drugs gang has now become embroiled in the feud following a failed assassination attempt last Saturday.

Hours before the Mark Moloney murder, a member of the McCarthy-Dundon gang tried to shoot a member of a well-known Southill drugs family.

That family is now understood to have lined up on the anti-McCarthy-Dundon side of the vicious divide.

It is feared they might form a group with disenchanted members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang who were close to Cronin.

With the creation of a new enemy after last Saturday’s attempted murder in Southill, members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang are increasingly fearful that the Keane-Collopy gang will form an alliance with the Southill drugs family to take on the McCarthy-Dundons in all-out war.

Meanwhile, officers from the Garda Emergency Response Unit (ERU) arrested a man in Limerick on Thursday as part of the investigation into serious crime in the city.

The ERU, backed by local gardaí, used a Taser during the arrest.

The device, which delivers a debilitating electric shock, is one of the less- than-lethal weapons used only by the ERU.

It was the first time a Taser has ever been used during an arrest in this jurisdiction.

The man tried to escape when approached by the ERU, but they knocked him to the ground with a discharge from the Taser.

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