Bausch & Lomb workers buy ambulance for cancer patients

BIG-HEARTED Waterford employees have put their hands in their pockets and dug deep to pledge their wages towards a very worthy cause.

Within a four-week period, Bausch & Lomb employees in Waterford have pledged over €63,000 to buy an ambulance to alleviate hardship to local cancer patients who have to travel to Dublin or Cork for radiotherapy.

“This is just phenomenal. It will make a huge difference to people with cancer. We will be able to go ahead and provide an ambulance immediately,” consultant surgeon Gordon Watson of South East Radiotherapy Trust told 30 representatives of Bausch & Lomb who gathered to meet him at the plant.

“I am just flabbergasted at this incredible response,” added Mr Watson, when he was told that a sufficient number of Bausch & Lomb’s 1,800 employees had signed up to a scheme where wage deductions would be made to pay for the ambulance.

“It is a very traumatic experience for a cancer patient who has on average five minutes of radiotherapy treatment, five days a week, for five weeks to be separated from the support of their families at this time,” said Mr Watson.

“The ambulance funded by the Bausch & Lomb employees will be used to pick up patients at their homes and take them to hospital or to a central pick-up point for onward travel to the treatment centre and may alleviate the need for some patients to stay in hospital.”

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