I saw Pope in hairdresser’s gown, claims grandmother

A CO Tipperary grandmother claims she saw an apparition of Pope John Paul II while at the hairdressers last Saturday.

Mary Ward who lives at Ballygraigue, Nenagh, said the vision of the Pope appeared on the hairdresser’s gown she was wearing in the Cut and Dye salon in Friar Street.

Staff members at the salon also claim they saw the apparition.

Mrs Ward has now placed the gown on an altar to the Pope she has erected at her home.

“I saw the apparition of the Pope when I was having my hair done at around 2pm on Saturday last. I was having highlights put into my hair when the view appeared on my lap on the black gown. He was smiling. I then asked one of the girls, Tracey, if she could see anything as I moved to get under the hair drier and one of them said ‘oh my God it’s the Pope’,” Mrs Ward said.

“A few other of the girls working in the salon saw it. It lasted for about a quarter of an hour. I shook the gown and the face was still there. The Pope looked what he was like about the time he came to Ireland. He was smiling and I could see the lines on his face on the gown. When I got up to go under the hair drier it went away.”

Mrs Ward, who has three adult children and four grandchildren, took the nylon black gown home with her.

“I have put it on an altar I have made to the Pope with flowers and candles,” she said.

Now she expects the home where she lives with her husband, Bert, will be inundated with callers to see the gown.

“Already there have been a lot of photographers calling to get pictures,” she said.

Hairdresser, Tracey Shoer, from St Joseph’s Terrace, who works in the salon said she also saw the apparition.

Tracey said: “One of the other girls told me to have a look at the gown. I didn’t have a clue what it was and then I saw the Pope’s face, clear as day. He was a young Pope with the big tall hat on his head ... There were a few customers in at the time who saw it. I have never seen anything like this before.”

Since word of the reported apparition spread, many people have been calling to the salon.

Bernadette Ryan, owner of Cut and Dye salon said: “I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want this place to turn into a shrine.”

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