Wanted: a dad like Homer and Ozzie

IRISH families hoping to become the next best thing since The Simpsons and star in their very own cartoon series will shortly know if they will be immortalised in celluloid.

TV company Nickelodeon launched a search for a real family in Ireland and Britain earlier this year to provide the inspiration for a new cartoon series. It is to be a blend the Simpsons and the latest cult classic, The Osbournes.

An estimated 2,000 Irish people responded to the challenge and Nickelodeon has confirmed a number of these families are in the running. The winner will be announced in early January.

More than 10,000 people applied for the chance to become screen icons. Nickelodeon’s digital TV channel Nicktoons employed a top social psychologist, David Lewis, to help it judge the entries and provide insights into the typical family the channel is looking for.

His findings show the traditional family unit of a mum, dad and 2.4 kids is on the decline and the number of single parent families is on the increase. But families are closer and spend more quality time together than ever before.

Entries fell into six basic family types:

The Average Andersons have four generations of women living under one council-owned terraced house roof. The youngest family member is Chantelle, 1, daughter of 15-year-old Kylie. Their main social hobbies are drinking, darts, fighting and changing the TV channel.

The Posh Posners are a family always keeping up with the Joneses. Their one child, Richard Jnr, is an overweight commercial property estate agent and at the age of 30 still lives at home. He is very much a mummy’s boy.

The Right-On Rogers are environmentally-friendly and passionate about animal rights. Not married, they met at a music festival.

The Outdoorsey Olivers holiday on campsites in France, enjoy visiting garden centres and generally lead an active life.

The Steady Smiths are a bank manager and a primary school teacher. Quite boring, their idea of a fun trip is visiting Greek ruins and Egyptian relics.

The Gadget Gordons are the ultimate trendy types, running an internet consultancy and driving an Audi TT with an upgraded navigational system and a 4x4 jeep.

“We are trying to narrow down the entries all the time and there a still some Irish families in the running,” a spokesperson for Nickelodeon said. Aye Karumba! It seems it could be you.

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