Litter watchdog targets ‘blackspot’ clean-up

THE litter watchdog which branded parts of Cork’s north side as “blackspots” is planning to target those areas for clean-ups next year.

Tom Cavanagh, the chairman of Irish Businesses Against Litter (IBAL), said IBAL will target Mayfield, and a number of as yet undetermined north side areas, for special attention.

The plan will also be implemented in parts of Dublin and Limerick.

IBAL branded Mayfield and Cobh as two of the country’s worst litter blackspots in their latest survey on Monday.

Mr Cavanagh said while he hoped the city council would come up with an environmental plan, he said IBAL is planning to expand the tidying work it already does in the Dillon’s Cross area into Mayfield.

While the city centre has seen welcome litter developments, Mr Cavanagh said suburban areas have been “seriously neglected”.

“IBAL is not going to go away,” he said. “We are hoping the council will come up with an environment plan for the north side. They have put all their eggs into the St Patrick’s Street basket and seriously neglected some suburban areas.

“It is a good investment to tidy an area up, because once a place looks well, residents’ associations start popping up and the locals keep the area well.”

Meanwhile, councillors called on Monday night for a development plan for Mayfield and for a local area action plan Bishopstown.

Sinn Féin Cllr Annette Spillane said she was “sick” of the negative publicity focusing on Mayfield.

Jim O’Donovan, the city’s head of planning, said money has been set aside in next year’s budget for the development of such plans in both areas.

Local stakeholders will be consulted to address issues of concern in both areas.

The plans could take up to nine months to develop.

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