Oldest groom-to-be proves to be great catch

IRELAND’S oldest groom-to-be is already proving to be a great catch for the woman he will marry on Saturday.

Mary McGrath, 86, waited almost a lifetime for the man of her dreams, Martin Considine, 83.

They will walk down the aisle in St John’s Cathedral in Limerick on Saturday.

It will be second time round for widower Martin and first for Ms McGrath.

Already, Martin, who comes from St Mary’s Park, is showing signs of being a model husband.

Martin promised after proposing to Mary he would build a new porch at her house in Bengal Terrace, Old Cork Road, after she told him the old one leaked.

He had planned to start work after the wedding.

But yesterday he was already adding the finishing touches to the porch. “It looks fine,” said Mary.

The couple met about 10 years ago at the day care centre at the Good Shepherd Convent, they both attend.

Martin popped the question to Mary last June.

They were told they would have to wait some months in order to finalise paper work for the big day. Fr Liam Enright will officiate at Saturday’s wedding.

Catholic couples in the diocese of Limerick are encouraged to attend a pre-marriage course.

A diocesan spokesman said: “I don’t think we could expect Martin and Mary to go on this sort of course. They could probably give it.”

Mary said she did not take long to make up her mind when Martin proposed.

“I was shocked, but said ‘yes’. I told him he would have to build a new porch for me at the house when we got married,” she said.

Mary said she did not care what others thought about getting married at their age.

She said: “It’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years. Age doesn’t count at all. It’s the way you feel yourself. We’re both from Limerick, enjoy a joke and a laugh and are happy to keep each other company.”

After he proposed, Mary said Martin would have to start on a new porch for the house straight after the wedding.

But yesterday she was marvelling at the structure Martin has already completed.

Family and friends will celebrate the wedding at a city hotel.

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