Sinnott predicts polling success

INDEPENDENT European candidate Kathy Sinnott launched her campaign in the South constituency last night with the prediction she could win a seat.

Just before Ms Sinnott began to address the Cork audience local woman Mary Wrenne presented her with a special gift a statute of Our Lady. Ms Wrenne told the campaigner for disability rights: "You might bring this with you on your campaign as a special blessing from Our Lady."

Ms Sinnott thanked Mrs Wrenne for her gift and said it had a special meaning for her the woman's 11-year-old daughter, Noelle, had given the first donation towards her campaign before she died of cancer at Easter.

"Noelle gave me the first €50 donation and told me it was not for the work I do in the Hope project but for a new project and on the day of her funeral, I opened my election account with that money," Ms Sinnot told the audience.

The disability rights campaigner said that she was confident she would win a seat on June 11.

An Irish Examiner/Prime Time poll revealed last week that she was the main challenger to Fianna Fáil's Gerard Collins for the third seat in the South constituency.

Ms Sinnott said she was heartened by the response that she was getting on the campaign trail. "People tell me that when I speak, I tell the truth and that I am like one of them they believe I am a fighter," she added.

Ms Sinnott said she was standing for election because she believed Europe could put pressure on the Government to improve Irish people's lives on many fronts including: moves to bring drinking water up to EU standards and the provision of a better health and education service.

"I represent the needs of Irish families and this Government has to stop penalising people with huge mortgages that are forcing mothers out to work," Ms Sinnott said.

Among her other priorities if elected an MEP would be to oppose abortion, euthanasia, the EU Constitution and defend the most vulnerable such as the disabled, sick and elderly.

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