You’re A Star finalists on the road to nowhere

Neans McSweeney

The Wexford girls are down to the final seven in this year’s Eurovision search competition. And to make life that bit easier and more comfortable on their weekly trips to Dublin for heats, their garage in Enniscorthy has given them a top-of- the range car, allowing them to travel in style.

But the fab four are going nowhere because they can’t get insurance.

“I’ve a clean licence and have been a named driver on policies before,” said 23-year-old Yvonne O’Sullivan, the group leader.

But the band won’t be hitting the road in the brand new, sporty Seat Altea donated by Enniscorthy Motor Company.

“Nobody will insure me, apparently, because I’m a musician. We’re not playing gigs or carrying instruments around. The car is just sitting there. We can’t even drive it around.

“None of the insurance companies are interested in us, particularly when they find out we’re in the competition and are musicians,” she said.

So far, the band, which includes Yvonne, her 21 year-old sister, Sheila and twins, Elaine and Caroline Weldon, 24, have been driving separately.

“The free car was a huge boost. We’re all doing so many things that it’s great to be able to travel together,” she said.

“We’ve been to all the insurance companies and have even got a broker involved. The whole thing is the joke. It doesn’t seem to make any sense,” she said.

Last night, following an appeal on local radio station, South East Radio, local brokers were attempting to find insurance for the girls, ensuring they will be on the road soon.

Claire Howlin of Enniscorthy Motor Company said they were very proud of the girls’ success and decided to give them the car.

“We just wanted to help the girls and get them as far as they can in the competition. The Altea will be a great asset to them.”

You’re A Star is broadcast from the Helix in DCU on RTÉ 1, Sunday at 6.30pm.

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