Couple ‘showed us the power and beauty of love’

THE FUNERAL Mass of 83-year-old Martin Considine took place yesterday.

Less than four months ago, he walked down the aisle of St John’s Cathedral in Limerick with his bride, Mary McGrath, aged 86.

The elderly couple grabbed national attention when they got married.

Martin died on Sunday after a short illness and yesterday Mary led the mourners at his funeral Mass in the same cathedral.

Fr Liam Enright, who also officiated at the couple’s wedding, told the mourners: “Martin and Mary have shown us the power, beauty and wisdom of love. Mary told me yesterday that she has had the best three years of her life since the day she met Martin.”

The couple met on a bus taking senior citizens to a day care centre. Martin’s wife Mary Ellen had died three years previously.

Fr Enright said Martin and Mary showed that two people can fall in love and commit to one another at any stage in life.

“For them it was so simple, for us an example.”

Fr Enright said their time together may have been short, but they had many happy memories.

“I know Mary cherishes these memories and will carry them in her heart.”

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