Alfa Romeo awaits right moment for hybrid models

Alfa Romeo will launch performance hybrid models across its range - but only when battery technology gets lighter and cheaper.

Alfa Romeo awaits right moment for hybrid models

At the Geneva Motor Show, Roberto Fedeli, chief technical officer of Alfa Romeo, said he was focussed on putting hybrid models into production that would live up to the brand’s performance reputation.

“I can imagine a performance hybrid that drivers could choose to make more exciting when they wanted, using the DNA switch in the car,” he said.

“Alfa Romeo hybrids will have to be performance models, but weight is currently the issue. When batteries are light enough we will use them to boost performance and excitement across our range.”

He said that lessons learned from Ferrari LaFerrari were not transferable to Alfa — just yet.

“The battery in that car was developed by the F1 team and I have no idea of the cost, but it shows performance hybrids can work,” he added.

“That technology isn’t transferable to us. Cost and weight is the key to us, but hybrids will come in the next few years.”

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