5 Halloween games to play at home this week

Teach your children the games that we played at Halloween this midterm
5 Halloween games to play at home this week

Halloween at home is an opportunity to play games that the whole family will enjoy.

Bobbing for apples

Dating back to Roman times, we appropriated bobbing for apples here in Ireland into the Celtic festival of Samhain, where apples were a sign of fertility and abundance. 

How to: Float apples into a basin of water, and take turns trying to bite an apple without using your hands. Expect wet floors and lots of shouting with this one. 

Mummy dress up

The first person to turn into a mummy wins in this hilarious game. 

How to: Divide into teams and designate one member as the mummy. Start the clock, and begin to wrap the person up in toilet roll. The team who mummifies their member first wins. 

What's the time, Mrs Witch?

Forget Mr Wolf - at Hallow'een the only person who matters is Mrs Witch. 

How to: Chose one person to be Mrs Witch and to stand at one side of the room with his back to you. The rest of the family will stand in a line and shout 'What's the time, Mrs Witch?'.  Creep forward the number of steps that Mrs Witch calls, getting closer and closer until Mrs Witch answers 'it's dinner time,' turns around and chases you all. The person who is caught is the next Mrs Witch. 

Pass the fruit

Use oranges, grapefruit or even lemons for this game. 

How to: Stand in a circle, and try to pass the fruit to the next person without using your hands - it's a lot harder than it looks. Don't let it fall on the floor. The last person with fruit that has yet to fall is the winner. 

Snap apple

Traditionally played with apples, using ring doughnuts is easier for smaller children. When played with apples, legend has it that if you sleep with the piece of the apple you bit under your pillow, you will dream of your true love that night. 

How to: attach the apple or a doughnut to a string and hang from a tree branch or a washing line. Each person takes turns to try to bite the apple or doughnut, with their hands behind their back. The winner is the person to finish. 

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