Joe Manganiello: I'm from Cork and I flew Sofia Vergara here to explore Rebel County with me

Plus how to recreate Sofia Vergara and Joe Mangaliello’s dreamy Cork vacation
Joe Manganiello: I'm from Cork and I flew Sofia Vergara here to explore Rebel County with me

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara at Blarney Castle. Picture: Instagram

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara surprised and delighted Corkonians when they started sharing pictures from the city, most notably some photos they shared of them enjoying chips from Jackie Lennox’s chipper while in Fitzgerald’s Park. Now, Manganiello has explained his description of that moment as being in “the land of my ancestors”.

In a post on social media today, he revealed he and his brother recently discovered their family can be traced back to Cork.

“In a surprise turn of events, I found out last year that my brother and I were significantly Irish and then serendipitously, I wound up getting offered a great job in Ireland,” he wrote.

“Well, this past weekend I had some time off from the show and flew Sofía over to join me in exploring the land of my ancestors… Cork. As you can see we ventured out to Schull and Mizen Head stopping by to pay respects to the 3,000 year old Drombeg stone Druid Circle.” 

Joe Manganiello in West Cork. Picture: Instagram
Joe Manganiello in West Cork. Picture: Instagram

Manganiello added his family tree will be investigated by a genealogy television series.

“The critically acclaimed series, Finding Your Roots is currently putting together my family tree including the specifics to my Irish heritage along with the rest of my complicated blood line… so stay tuned for an announcement of the air date and time.” 

As Sofia Vergara and Joe Mangeniello say ‘adios’ to Cork, here’s how to holiday like a Hollywood star on your own doorstep 

Where to stay 

The A-list couple chose not one but two gorgeous Cork hotels to visit during their stay. Vergara shared a photo of herself outside the city’s iconic Hayfield Manor, just a stone’s throw from UCC and, of course, a certain chipper.

Along the way, they paid a visit to the Montenotte Hotel in Cork’s northside to enjoy its panoramic terrace while enjoying views over the city. Vergara described it as an opportunity to enjoy “family time” while in the country.

What to eat 

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara in Fitzgerald's Park. Picture: Instagram
Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara in Fitzgerald's Park. Picture: Instagram

A taste of one of Cork’s most beloved menu items clearly satisfied Manganiello in particular, who described his takeaway from Jackie Lennox as ​​”pre-dinner on in the land of my ancestors.” The pair dined like locals on a feat of chips in Fitzgerald’s Park on Friday afternoon before returning to their hotel that evening.

Over the weekend, they sampled the delights of the iconic Ballymaloe dessert trolley, with Vergara sharing a video of the treats being prepared for them.

Where to visit 

The couple checked off an impressive list of Cork landmarks during their time in the Rebel County. They visited Blarney Castle and journeyed west to visit Drombeg stone circle and experience the breathtaking landscape at Dunlough Castle, better known as Three Castle Head in West Cork, where they were delighted by the sheep sharing the field with them. Joe also revealed they visited Schull and Mizen Head while they were down west.

What to wear 

Vergara and Manganiello were well prepared for the changeable Irish weather. Vergara favoured practical outerwear over her stylish outfits, sporting brands like Victoria Beckham, Chanel, Prada and Bottega for dinner and nighttime events, while she opted for sturdier gear when enjoying the Irish countryside. At Blarney Castle, she chose a heavy coat over tracksuit bottoms and comfortable runners and in West Cork she wore a peaked cap (Peaky Blinder-style, she noted) and a long tweed coat, over which she added a windproof black jacket when she was at the blustery Three Castle Head. Manganiello stuck to traditional fabrics and styles, such as plaid shirts and plain jumpers, when out and about, and donned a thick, padded black jacket with a hood while enjoying the Irish countryside.

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