The Clinic is 18 years old and fans are crying out for a new season after this mini-reunion

Can we go back to the Clarence Street Clinic?
The Clinic is 18 years old and fans are crying out for a new season after this mini-reunion

Norma Sheahan, Amy Huberman and Rachel Pilkington

Actress Amy Huberman has sparked a call for the return of one of RTÉ’s best-loved series from the early 2000s.

Huberman rose to domestic fame as Daisy O’Callaghan in the medical drama, which ran for seven years, and she has kept in touch with many of her castmates since The Clinic ended in 2009.

She shared a photo on Instagram yesterday of a recent catch-up with Norma Sheahan and Rachel Pilkington, who starred as Fiona McColgan and ​​Keelin Geraghty, and said she is shocked that it has been 18 years since they first met.

“I scream for The Clinic reunion. Rachel says it’s 18 years ago! EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO it started?! I mean I could verify this and google it but I’m too shocked and it makes no sense as we are all 21,” she joked.

She later posted an update to clarify there is not an official The Clinic reunion in the works after her post caused a frenzy among fans of the show.

“Must verify I scream is ice cream and by reunion I mean actually meeting for ice cream and not an actual Clinic reunion. But sprinkles on top pls.” 

The comment section under her photo is full of fans lamenting the loss of the show and calling for a proper reunion.

“Omg I’ve said this every year since it finished! Bring it back,” one person wrote, while another added: “I call for the clinic reunion too, make a new spin-off series.” 

Others shared the importance of the show on their lives, from making a Sunday evening tradition of watching it, to being inspired to name their future children after the characters and actors involved.

Who knows, perhaps RTÉ will notice and we can return to the Clarence Street Clinic once more. In the meantime, all seven seasons of the popular show are available to watch on the RTÉ Player.

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