He said what? The five most shocking moments from this week's Love Island

Two recouplings, three dumped islanders, and an ensuing brawl — it's finally starting to feel like a real season of Love Island
He said what? The five most shocking moments from this week's Love Island

It was a busy week in the villa.

Things happened in threes this week. Three new islanders arrived, three exited as quickly as they came, and for Toby three fights sparked up in the space of four days. Sounds exhausting right? 

Apparently, it was exactly what this series needed to finally get going. She might not be from Longford, but new girl Abi is closest we've come to some Maura Higgins-worthy drama. And we are living for it.

The hideaway is open for business 

The most private room, which still has at least six cameras in it, was busy this week.

“Islanders. The Hideaway is open tonight. Please choose the lucky couple to spend the night alone,” Monday’s shriek-inducing text read.

The lucky couple was Toby and Chloe, who could not have been more excited. The cowboy hat cat ears, however, were a bit much.

In true Love Island fashion, the giddiness doesn’t last long. Abi arrived on Thursday and had her eyes set firmly on Toby.

“I’m with Chloe, but I would get to know someone else as well. I would never shut that down,” he tells Abi. “I would never say I’m set unless we had that exclusive label. I wouldn’t say we’re there yet.” 

Toby really likes pie 

Toby has caused a LOT more drama than predicted.
Toby has caused a LOT more drama than predicted.

Well maybe he did before this week, but we’re thinking not so much anymore. In a game of kiss, marry, or pie on Tuesday, he got a big fat cream-covered crust right in the face from Kaz.

“You did lie to me. In bed when I said, ‘Anything extra to say?’ you were like, ‘No, no’ and then the next day you were like, ‘Oh yeah we kissed on the terrace.’ That was a lie,” she tells him after the game. "Obviously, the thing is at the end of the day you were disrespectful, a little bit.” 

 It’s all very heated and ends with Kaz rightly walking away from the conversation after Toby saying he had no regrets about the situation.

Chloe has her own go at Toby on Thursday, following his public display of arm affection with Abi. That girl really is a gift to producers.

After she flirts with Toby, the D-word even gets thrown around yet again. Disrespectful, that is.

“I don’t really have a lot to say to you. It should have been shut down if you were that interested me and that’s obviously not what happened. You’re linking arms in front of me. The annoying flirting. That’s disrespectful. Do you see any of the other boys doing that? It’s laughable now Toby,” Chloe tells him after watching the exchange. A 'test' he calls it.

Kaz fans, rejoice.

Tour de Faye 

At least Faye and Teddy are smitten, heading out on a cycling date earlier in the week. We do hope Tour De Faye becomes an annual event.

“We’re getting on like a frigging house on fire,” Teddy says during the excursion. “You just get me. You just laugh at me,” she concurs.

Fans are only delighted for their favourite islander. Their other favourite also had a good week, hitting it off with new boy Tyler. Finally!

Not so tearful goodbyes 

Even the islanders aren't sure who's left after two recouplings.
Even the islanders aren't sure who's left after two recouplings.

And just like that, AJ and Danny are gone. Oh, Hugo.

AJ had her eyes on our unlucky islander, but alas it wasn’t to be and Hugo placed her firmly in the friendzone.

New islander, Georgia, was right along with her, after failing to ignite a “spark” with the PE teacher. After just a few days, she too packs her bags. She seemed...nice?

Twitter users have been complaining about mainly two things in this regard; namely, why the boys are the ones choosing again. The other question is, are there usually this many recouplings?

Those ‘GOT A TEEEXT’ and staged dramatic fire pit moments can only hold so much power guys. Someone go call Laura Whitmore back in here.

Hugo got burns 

This whole season got a lot more interesting on Thursday night after Hugo finished out the latest recoupling with a speech that left fans divided.

“She doesn’t deserve to be treated the way she has been in this past 24 hours,” he says of his new match, Chloe. “I firmly believe a lot of this test stuff is just complete bull. You deserve someone who’s honest and communicates with you.” 

The jaws dropped, the whispers started, the tension stiffened, and the boys began blockading a very angry Toby. And just like that, it finally feels like Love Island again.

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