Life Hack: Freezing clothes, vinegar on sweat stains and other laundry tips and tricks

Don’t sweat the small stuff (and if you do, we have just the tip for those sweat stains)
Life Hack: Freezing clothes, vinegar on sweat stains and other laundry tips and tricks

Make your laundry experience as smooth as possible with these helpful tips. Pic: iStock

Washing and drying our clothes isn’t the most exciting of jobs and it can be easy to become frustrated with hard-to-budge stains or stinky washing machines. Rather than throw out stained clothes or consider replacing your washing machine, we have a few tips from washing machine maker Beko to make your laundry experience as smooth as possible - just make sure you check the garment labels before trying these. 

My washing machine smells, what can I do to fix it?

Smells can easily linger in a washing machine. Over time, mould and mildew can build up, causing a nasty smell and one of the simplest solutions is to make sure you clean your detergent drawer at least once per week. As well as that, leave the door open after each use to allow air into the drum and remove excess moisture from the door. Seal the door with a clean cloth after each wash.

How can I remove sweat stains from white clothes?

This is a useful one for parents, especially if your child wears a white shirt to school every day. This is a simple but effective stain remover using something you probably have in your press already. To remove sweat stains from white clothing, rub a little bit of white vinegar on the patches before putting them into the washing machine and wash as normal.

How can I stop soft fabrics from bobbling?

Freeze them! When you are washing anything made of fluffy fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, and other natural, soft fibres, pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours before putting them into the machine. This will help reduce bobbling.

How will I know if my red jumper will dye everything else in the drum?

We’ve all been there and taken the chance, only to regret it when one piece of clothing dyes everything else it shared a drum with. Next time you’re faced with this situation, try the dye test. Dampen a small area of the material and press a white tissue or clean cloth onto it. If any colour transfers, you’ll know to wash it separately from your other clothes. If not, it should be safe to wash with the rest of the load.

How do I know if the drum is overloaded?

One thing you should avoid is overloading your washing machine’s drum as it affects the machine’s performance and reduces its lifespan. Luckily, it’s so simple to work out if you need to remove some clothes from the drum: you should be able to fit your whole hand comfortably in the top of the drum once it’s full. If you can’t, make some more space by removing some items.

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